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Do you want to move closer to your professional goals? 


1. Who is this program for?

The ACADEMY program is designed for the Artist, the Craftsman who understands that a creative life is more about the journey than the destination, that it's about what that journey ultimately provides to the eventual destination.


Are you a singer, actor, or dancer? Maybe all three? 


The ACADEMY is intended for professionals and professionals in the making who want to thrive in the artistic milieu by mastering the art of all three disciplines or focusing on improving either discipline.


The ACADEMY is where 'preparation' transforms into 'ready' for when opportunities knock.


Begin this evolutionary journey today by investing in you. 


Move closer to your professional goals.


2. When will this program begin?


Step up and get ready for the opportunities that await you in the New Year.

Send us a message to get informed on what is coming up!

3. Where will this program take place?

The ACADEMY program takes place online and at Danse 1…2…3 located at 7927 Boulevard Newman, Lasalle, Quebec. Parking is free with many local restaurants. The closest metro station Angrignon and the 106 takes you to our front door (approximately 7 minutes).

Visit our website

4. What can I expect from this program?

Montreal entertainment opportunities are on the rise with more and more invitations to open auditions for all artists. This is the perfect time to get your portfolio ready and book the contract! Preparation takes time, so let's plan it right so you can enjoy the ride and deliver what is asked of you with confidence every time.​

This Program includes ​all the elements you will need to grow and develop as an artist and then apply your new skills when it comes time for your next audition. With every audition, you'll improve, lock in more work, and become known in the business for the professional that you are. This program is designed for you - the passionate artist who wants to pursue a deep level of training that focuses on your personal growth as well as your artistic vision and values. Everything you need in the way of training is right here, in your backyard! We would be honored to guide you to follow your evolutionary path as we will be working with each artist individually so that we know the best way to help you make the next steps in your career.


5. Why is this program good for me?

That's the first question we would want you to ask yourself. The second is - "How much do you want to finesse your talent, and gain visibility so that you can work and thrive in the entertainment industry?" Our promise to you is a safe and supportive environment for you to learn, make mistakes, learn from them, and move forward. Once you discover "why" you want this, we will provide you with the ways to proceed. If you're unsure, look ahead to 10 weeks from now, and ask "If I don't do anything different, will I get different results? If you're curious about ensuring improved results, this amazing experience is just right for you! ​

6. What is my investment?


Invest in your evolution, your professional training, and creating the career of your dreams. This training is devoted to you and ensuring your experience is excellent and fulfilling. The value is unparalleled for personal and professional growth from our exquisite training team who are experts in their fields. We believe you are well worth the investment in your passionate you? 

​7. Methods of payment:

E-transfer at

Installments:  You can choose to pay in installment ​

Method:  Cash, cheque, credit card, interact only in the studio.   ​

Imagine the possibilities! You are one step away from training that will bring you closer to the career of your dreams!

8. Who are your expert professional trainers?

A team of passionate professionals who have amassed hundreds of hours of training, knowledge, and expertise in their respective fields.



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Visionary • Creator • CR Casting

TV and Stage Performances / Building Teams / International Talent

Training Multi Disciplinary Artists 

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